Miley Cyrus Changes Tune

Miley Cyrus

By Carly Totten

Miley Cyrus’ recent turn on “American Idol” may have had some people wondering how a teenager could advise someone 12 years her senior; however, there is no denying Cyrus’ success.

Since she was 12, Cyrus has played the lead on the Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana,” and not only has its popularity soared but Cyrus has become the focus of a $1 billion empire. Now the series is heading into its fourth and final season because Cyrus wants to move on in her career. Her future career may or may not include music – the entire premise of “American Idol.”

“The more I make music that doesn’t truly inspire me, the more I feel like I’m blending in with everyone else,” said Cyrus. “So after this next album, I’m taking some time off.”

Instead of focusing on music, Cyrus wants to turn her focus to movies.  Ironically, her appearance on “American Idol” was timed perfectly to coincide with the release of her newest movie, “The Last Song.”  Although she wants to change her focus, “The Last Song” chronicles Cyrus portraying troubled teen singer, Ronnie Miller who moves to Georgia to spend more time with her father.

“[Ronnie is someone] who starts going down the wrong path,” said Cyrus. “It’s the story of how she finds her way to being happier and a better person through faith, love, and friendship.”

While on “American Idol,” Cyrus helped contestants to travel down the right path, and while doing so simultaneously changing her own life course in order to be taken as a serious actress. Although someone should not feel pressured to change who they are, it’s a good idea for Cyrus, like Ronnie, to go down a different path with her career if she plans to become something more than just another Disney starlet.


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