Jessica Simpson explores “The Price of Beauty”

By: Courtney Khan

Six years after Jessica Simpson’s debut on reality TV with her ex-husband,Nick Lachey, she comes up with her own personal show about what other cultures consider to be beautiful including fashion trends, appearence and traditions.

The show debuted March 16 and in the opening of the show Jessica states “It’s a very blessed life that I live.”  Simpson is the epitome of what people think American’s may look like or what Americans think they should look like but her specific look is very oppposite of what other countries think is beautiful.  Her and two close friends go around the world to places such as Thailand and Uganda and immerse themseleves in the culture and explore what is considered to be beautiful in their societies.

Beauty is still a social “judgement” but it is fascinating to see what other people will do in their countries just to be beautiful and how different the ideas are from American ideas of what we find to be attractive.


~ by buzzbehindthebeat on April 9, 2010.

4 Responses to “Jessica Simpson explores “The Price of Beauty””

  1. I have seen the show and you’re right, Jessica looks like an All American Beauty but often times her look/style doesn’t work with the culture she’s in. I think this could use a little more of your opinion in it. How does doing this show effect her career in the music industry?

  2. Do you think Jessica’s people presented this show concept to Vh1 or do you think they came to her with the concept. It would be interesting to know.Also, this show definitely seems more serious than her newlywed show. It be interesting to include how you think this show will change her image and how she maybe intended to change her public image by doing a show like this.

  3. Starting with the picture of Jessica is a great way to draw in your reader and makes it clear what the blog post will be about. The paragraphs are short and to the point, however i would like more information about the show and what happen during the first episode. There is a lot of room to expand on and give more detail about Jessica herself and beauty. The blog is very organize and clear and the topics chosen are hot topics. I would just like more detail and information.


  4. This blog post was the first to catch my attention over the whole Ricky Martin is Gay. Jessica Simpson has been a beauty icon for years. She has not been the spotlight for a little bit and I was anxious to see information about her new show. I like how the post gives me the information quick and straight to the point. The photo of Jessica Simpson works well with the post for this shows her off her beauty. Very well done, Courtney

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