Q&A with music publicist Brooke Black

By Kaitlin MacRae

Brooke Black works for the media company Big Hassle in New York. Big Hassle represents music artists like Weezer, Manchester Orchestra, Ben Kweller, Minus the Bear and Switchfoot. The company also does management, licensing and online marketing.

Kaitlin MacRae (KM): What is your position at Big Hassle?

Brooke Black (BB): Publicist!

KM: What do you think about the state of the music industry?

BB: Tricky question. Where some things start to fail, others crop up. It will always be cyclical, and people will always find a way to get their music out there. There is certainly no shortage of talent out there at the moment, but keeping it together is tricky.

KM: What kinds of publicity methods does the company use to promote its artists?

BB: Everything. Print, Online, National, Regional, Tour, TV, Video Promotion, New Media, the list goes on.

KM: Do you think the rise of the Internet and the use of social media makes your job easier or more difficult?

BB: Yes and no. It’s great that with so many outlets the little guys are able to be heard more, but now it’s created such a fickle and quick turnover. It’s difficult to keep people’s attention these days unless you’re constantly giving them something new. It can be exhausting, but it’s entirely doable!

KM: Where do you think the future of publicity lies? Is it more in the hands of artists, companies like Big Hassle, record labels…?

BB: I think it needs to be more in the hands of artists, and they need to hire publicists as a full time, year-round thing, not just per album cycle. That format is starting to go out the window, and 6-8 month campaigns are making more and more sense. It comes down to finding someone that believes in your work that will continue to support you in all of the steps you take as an artist.


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4 Responses to “Q&A with music publicist Brooke Black”

  1. Kaitlin,
    This Q&A is simply amazing. It’s so exciting that you were able to make contact with such a force in the industry. The questions you asked were insightful and very well written. It was so creative to relate everything back to social media. Great job!

  2. Kaitlin- your Q& A was done very professional. It is great that you have a contact like this especially since it is in the music and entertainment industry. I liked how Brooke included what type of publicity methods that she uses. She lists a lot including:Print, Online, National, Regional, Tour, TV, Video Promotion, New Media, the list goes on. It is great that she uses all of these types to promote the bands. Great job!

  3. This was an awesome find for an interview. It seems like she is right in the thick of music publicity and the bands her company represents are established and I think quite good.

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