A Chat with Urban Underclass

By Joe Cafone

Kevin Doucette, leader of the local New Jersey band, Urban Underclass, sits down and talks about his band’s career thus far.

Joe Cafone [JC]: How did you guys begin your journey in the realm of music?

Kevin Doucette [KD]: It was just me working at Target [the department store] then we found Tommy, who was our producer, and we started recording at his studio. Them we met Tim our bass player, then Fred, our rhythm guitarist, and eventually found Evan, our drummer. After we officially became a band we signed up with Jersey Records, who provided us with shows. Then we recorded our first CD entitled “Stay Away from Drugs and Disco,”  which are on sale at our live shows. Although we don’t have our music available for purchase online yet, you can check out samples on our Myspace page. We were at a pretty high point when we began to go through various band member changes. This lead to getting our current rhythm guitarist/singer, Chris Rieth and current bass player, Ian Lindsay. Playing at shows stated back up again and we are doing vastly better than ever before.

JC: How does the band work together as a whole with one another?

KD: The musicians all work off each other, we work really well together as a group. Whenever there are fights or arguments they end quite briefly, followed by joking ridicule of one another. When you get down to it, its really all about the music. We are only human. We don’t always see eye to eye, but we can compromise to get around that.

JC: How do you get your band name out to the public?

KD: We got our Myspace, Facebook, and we network with other bands. By networking we mean that we become friends with these other bands. They then pass on our band name onto others. Then they tell two friends, and they tell two friends. Its a lot of the word by mouth associations that get us a decent crowd. Because we aren’t super stars yet, the online sites only allow limited promotions, but we have had people comment that they’ve stumbled upon our music. So its not entirely useless and serves its purpose.

JC: What personally were your music influences?

KD: Well my favorite bands are Zebrahead, Joe Satriani, Mr. Bungle, Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains and I could go on, but these are a few that come to mind first. I’ve listened to all styles of music from Blues to Rock, Jazz to Reggae, etc. I liked all these pieces and genres so I pretty much “frankensteined” all of these music types so it became my own creation of music. I’ve come to expect people to come up to me an tell me that my music sounds similar to some of my favorite artists.

JC: What were your big achievements so far?

KD: We’ve played at legendary stages like Starland Ballroom, Webster Hall in New York City and the Stone Pony. Also when we put our first CD together, seeing all the hard work pressed into a nice neat CD was great. We felt proud of our accomplishment.

JC: Where do you see the band going in two years?

KD: We want to create more original and inspiring music, not watered down garbage. Play bigger shows, tour a lot and we hope to have another CD out sometime within the two years. We are going to start recording again and we’ll hopefully have a new album out by then. Until then we keep practicing to make sure we can all work in unison.

To see more of Urban Underclass, check out their Myspace.


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