Q & A with up-and-coming artist, Nicky Egan

By Carly Totten

With over 40,000 hits on her Myspace page, Nicky Egan is setting herself up as a prominent rising singer. The Bucks County, PA native is currently a senior studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. Egan routinely plays shows in the Boston area, but she has also been on a West Coast tour as well as played at World Café Live in Philadelphia.

Carly Totten (CT): When did you first become interested in music?

Nicky Egan (NE): Music has always been a passion of mine for as far back as I can remember. I asked my parents if I could take piano lessons when I was 4, and have been playing since. I took an interest in singing when I was really little, always performing on my own and eventually began classical voice training when i was about 13. After about 3 years of lessons I moved more towards the jazz/blues spectrum, studying standards, and have since been singing mostly blues r&b and soul music.

CT: I remember singing with you in Women’s Choir and Concert Choir. Did you sing outside of school?

NE: I did sing outside of school. I began writing music when I was about 16 and was in a band outside of school called “Gibbus Groove”. We recorded a few songs and had a few shows, it was fun. I also used to go monthly to a local nursing home to sing old standards to the residents. I was in various other groups outside of school, including a few plays, the Eastern Division National Choir, and various competitions througout high school.

CT: What inspires you to write?

NE: For me, inspiration can come from anywhere when it comes to writing. Love is usually the easiest to write about simply because it evokes such strong emotion in people. So many of my songs are about that. I like to take on the stories of other people and characters as well, whether it be their personal life, love stories, its cool to write from someone else’s perspective. I try to write about what’s relevant to the world and people today, and I think thats reflected in a lot of my more political songs.

CT: Last year, you performed at THON, a dance marathon a Penn State, which serves to raise money for pediatric cancer research. How were you able to acquire that opportunity? What was it like?

NE: THON was a really great experience. I was lucky to get in contact with a friend I graduated high school with who was really involved in the planning on that year’s THON. He put me in touch with the entertainment coordinator who had us perform. There were probably about 10,000 people there on Saturday night when my band and I performed. I was pretty nervous leading up to the performance but once we started playing it was actually pretty funny because I realized that the people who were close to the stage had all been on their feet awake and dancing for 24 hours and were kind of like zombies when we were playing. But the crowd was still awesome and it definitely got my band some publicity around the college. It was a really inspiring experience. This year I am actually directing the first annual “Keeping the HeartB.E.A.T.”, inspired by THON, its an 8-hour dance marathon at my school, Berklee College of Music, featuring continuous live entertainment, with all proceeds going towards the Jimmy Fund, the fundraising branch of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

CT: How would you define your sound? What brought you to the point of being able to define your sound?

NE: Honestly right now I am still defining my sound, and I think that definition will continue to change as I grow as an artist. I am in the midst of finishing my first album, and the recording process has really allowed me to take a different, closer look at my writing and analyze my art in a new way, which has been really great. I guess I consider my genre to be soul. Soul music has always hit me the hardest and I’ve always felt most connected to that sound, so I think thats reflected in my music.

CT: What do you hope to accomplish after you graduate from Berklee?

NE: I am graduating this May from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Contemporary Writing and Production, which has been a really beneficial major. It focuses on commercial writing for every type of instrumentation from big bands to studio orchestras to your basic pop songs. Once I graduate I plan on focusing on my music full time, promoting my album and doing some freelance commercial writing.

CT: Your first album is coming out. What has the recording process been like? Do you plan to tour once it is finished?

NE: I am really excited to put out my first album. It has been a long, exciting process and a major growing experience for me as an artist. Its so different recording songs for a studio album as opposed to performing them live. We’ve been doing a lot of the recording independently and its been really fun. What I’m most excited about is having so many of my friends on the album. I’ve really tried to involve the many friends and artists that have influenced me over the past 4 years in Boston in the making the album. We are definitely trying to tour once it is done, at least down the eastcoast. We are planning on doing a few different cd release parties between Canada and D.C. The album, “Good People” will combine a mix of r&b rock and pop. It will be out this summer.

For more information about Nicky Egan and to listen to some of Egan’s music, visit www.myspace.com/NickyEgan.


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