Cokie the Clown’s Tequila Surprise

•March 25, 2010 • 3 Comments

By: Joe Cafone

A bit of disturbing news in the realm of punk rock. The lead vocalist and basist, ‘Fat Mike’ of the band NOFX had a show of his own in store for the audience of South by Southwest 2010.’

Dressing in face makeup and looking like early clown performers of old, Fat Mike, or ‘Cokie the Clown’ came to the stage with a bottle of tequila and guitar in hand, followed by a person with a video camera. He proceeded to serve alcohol to the audience and the show started.

Instead of doing a traditional song set, he combined very heartfelt and personal stories with his music, that ranged from how he had to uthenize his mother to finding a body of a friend who commited suicide. As the set finished and the crowd didn’t know how to react.

As Fat Mike exited the stage he left the audience with a special video message. The person who had been recording the night’s proceedings rewound the tape on a video monitor, which had been wheeled on stage, to moments just before the show. The audience was greeted with the image of Fat Mike urinating into the bottle of tequila that was served to the audience at the very beginning of the set.

The audience was puzzled on how to react. Some cheered, while most were silent, still getting over the stories that Fat Mike held back tears to tell. As time passed the internet errupted with negative, positive and even sorrowful comments. These people were not going to forget this night easily.


Lupe Fiasco Climbs Mt.Kilimanjaro

•March 22, 2010 • 1 Comment

By: Courtney Khan

Lupe Fiasco, a hip-hop music artist, recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to bring awareness to the crisis affecting people all over the world, the struggle to find clean water. Mt. Kilimanjaro is a 19,000 foot high mountain located in Africa and Lupe Fiasco as well as several other celebrities took on this challenge as a way to bring awareness to the crisis and raise money.

The climb is very dangerous and about 10 people die each year from trying to make the journey, usually because of cerebral complications with adjusting to the high altitudes. Fiasco says “”I’m an adventure junkie,” and he also has a very competitve side and loves a challenge. He and the other celebrities including Jessica Biel followed Ethiopian-born singer, Kenna, up the mountain. It was her idea to start this expedition because her father was once sick from drinking tainted water.

Fiasco definitely made a huge statement by finishing the climb and showed his concern for not only other parts of the world but his sense of adventure. This dangerous trek was filmed by MTV crews and was debuted on their station.

Sparklehorse frontman commits suicide

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By Kaitlin MacRae

On Saturday, March 6, 47 year-old Mark Linkous of the folk-rock band Sparklehorse committed suicide. According to Rolling Stone, Linkous shot himself in the heart outside a friend’s home in Tennessee.

While on tour with Radiohead in 1996, Linkous died for two minutes after overdosing on a combination of Valium and anti-depressants, which also caused him to suffer a heart attack and undergo several surgeries. In an interview with Rolling Stone after the incident, Linkous said he was most afraid that he wouldn’t be able to write music again.

As customary after a renowned artist dies, tributes poured in from musicians on the Web this weekend.

Colin Greenwood of Radiohead posted on Dead Air Space that Linkous’ music was “very important to me,” and that “He wrote some beautiful music, and we’re lucky to have it.”

As sad as any death is, it’s true what they say: people become more popular after they die. Though this may not be the kind of publicity the band wanted, news of Linkous’ death will ultimately garner curiosity of the band, and fans will be interested to know why and how this happened. Those unfamiliar with Sparklehorse’s music (as many are) might want to check out their music and hear Linkous for themselves.

Remembering DJ-AM through World-Renowned Drummer Travis Barker

•March 3, 2010 • 2 Comments

(DJ-AM left and Travis Barker right)

By: Anthony Korybski

As great famous friends are here and there, Travis Barker and deceased DJ-AM were one of the best. Two different people with two different styles in music have worked together in studios messing around and enjoying the music.

Barker and AM were working on a duo that they called TRAVI$DJ-AM, Barker on drums and AM doing his famous vinyl-scratching. Although Barker lost his friend his memory is still there and AM’s spirit will live on through what Barker and A-Trak, another DJ that knew of the collaboration and also long time friend of AM plan to do. They plan on doing a tribute to AM with a pair of shows at the Roxy in Hollywood on March 9th and 10th and then a show later on in Las Vegas and at SXSW.

It’s the first time since AM’s death that Barker will work with another DJ. A-Trak is nervous stepping into the great DJ-AM’s shoes and fills his role but he knows that that’s what AM would like and hopefully be watching from above.

This will be the second tribute to DJ-AM from Barker. He has done one in a heart-filled hard session that he didn’t how to do but knew he had to just for me. In an article in Rolling Stones Magazine Barker said, “My brother is gone.i love u and miss u, i’ll never forget all the good times we had.” He later added, “I’ll never forget everything we’ve been thru and every time i play the drums i’ll think of you. U were an amazing friend/DJ/human being”.

Information from Rolling Stone.

Punk Rock at Carnegie Hall

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Iggy Pop

By: Anthony Korybski

The famous punk singer known as Iggy Pop will forever go down in history after taking a fundraiser with classy singers to a whole new level. Iggy Pop didn’t disappoint his fans who were there for him but stunned everyone else in the audience and the other performers.

In the legendary hall there the fundraiser was that for Tibet in what was called the Tibet House Benefit Concert, an annual event that raises money to preserve the country’s threatened culture.

Rolling Stones Magazine said, “He completely defiled the place. He strutted across the stage in tight black jeans, ass crack fully visible, and then dove into the crowd (nobody caught him). As the song later descended into chaos, he smashed his mike stand into the iconic, wood-floored stage repeatedly, trying to make a dent. He gave up and hurled the stand at the grand piano.”

His antics definitely shunned is bad boy punk image but he could of showed a better light on himself by doing this benefit concert and possibly show himself as a caring collective calm person. Yes that may be the total opposite of what he is but the turn around and good publicity could have been awesome, but that’s just not his style. I wouldn’t be expecting anyone picking him up for another benefit concert anytime soon.

Information from

Urban Uprising pt. 2

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By Joe Cafone

Here’s a quick tip for bands to use the web to their advantage:

Today, most bands rely on Facebook or Myspace to promote and publicize themselves. Are these the only methods for musicians to get exposure online? How do bands find jobs online? Urban Underclass shows how one website helped them find new members.

Surprisingly, was the answer to enlisting new talent to the small group. Their entry was a short summary what they are looking for as a musician, some of their recent accomplishments and where their next show will be if people wanted to check them out.

By using, Urban Underclass not only put their name on another website, but this particular method paid off with the addition of two additional members. Chris Rieth applied for the position of singer and rhythm guitarist and Ian Lindsay recently tried out for the position of bass.

For more information check out: Urban Underclass.

Gloriana Sings for Gold

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Gloriana's members from left: Cheyenne Kimball, Mike Gossin, Rachel Reinert, and Tom Gossin

By Carly Totten

Up and coming country band Gloriana is helping Team USA in their quest for Gold medals at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games by singing “The World is Ours Tonight.” The group, which is made up of brothers Tom and Mike Gossin, Rachel Reinert, and Cheyenne Kimball, were chosen by AT&T to sing on the Team USA Soundtrack.

“To be able to team up with such amazing artists including Rascal Flatts and Sugarland on this soundtrack and support Team USA and the 2010 Winter Olympic Games is an opportunity we are so grateful for,” says Gloriana’s Mike Gossin. “We hope it helps Team USA to win Olympic Gold across the board!”

Aside from Rascal Flatts and Sugarland, artists, such as Mariah Carey and Honor Society, accompany Gloriana on the Team USA Soundtrack, which is available from iTunes and AT&T. In contrast, the band is one of the few artists from the CD to have a music video airing on NBC during the Olympics. Although Gloriana is featured in “The World Is Ours Tonight” video, the song also becomes background music for daily inspirational performances by Team USA.

Often compared to Fleetwood Mac, Gloriana’s members joined forces in 2007 after the Gossin brothers moved to Nashville and met Reinert and Kimball. Even before releasing their self-titled album in 2009, Taylor Swift used the band’s first single “Wild At Heart” for a video blog. Along with fellow country artist Kellie Pickler, Gloriana is part of Swift’s Fearless tour. From the Fearless tour to the Team USA Soundtrack, it is safe to say Gloriana is on its way to becoming a golden band.